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Lemon Law


Oregon's Lemon Law is a strong warranty enforcement statute that applies to new vehicles. If you purchased a used vehicle, you may still have claims under Auto Fraud, but you have no remedy under the Lemon Law.


The Lemon Law applies to new vehicles for 2 years or 24,000 miles from the date of purchase or lease. In order for your car to qualify for remedy it must meet the following criteria:


  • the defect must be covered under warranty 

  • the defect must substantially affect the vehicle's safety, value, or use

  • the dealer must have an opportunity to repair

  • each defect or instance of defect must be reported to the dealer

  • there must be at least 3 repair attempts or the vehicle must be in for repair for 30 business days or more


If your vehicle meets the above criteria, please contact us to help you resolve your defective vehicle.

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