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Financial elder abuse


Dishonest car dealers salivate when they see elderly individuals and individuals with disabilities that impair their reasoning skills walk onto their car lots. Dishonest dealers take advantage of these individuals' enhanced vulnerability to sell or lease vehicles they do not need, cannot drive, and/or cannot afford.

To protect individuals age 65 or older and individuals with disabilities, Oregon law provides harsh sanctions against any person or business that wrongfully takes or refuses to return money to these individuals, calling this financial abuse. In addition to the protections enjoyed by all consumers, any time, money, or other resources that are wrongfully taken or withheld from these individuals, such as by any of the deceptive practices discussed on this website, the law provides for the recovery of three times the amount wrongfully taken or withheld.

The law also provides for recovery of three times any noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering. Finally, these individuals can recover reimbursement for fees paid to an attorney and/or guardian to go after the bad actor.

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