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Hidden Add-Ons


"Packing" is the deceptive practice of misrepresenting monthly payments or total cost of a vehicle to consumers during negotiations in order to sell add-ons such as insurance, warranties, coating, accessories, and other products and services.

Often, dealers will trick consumers into believing that these add-ons are provided "free" with the purchase of the car. In such cases, dealers are failing to disclose the true price of the add-ons and thus preventing the consumer from making a conscious choice to purchase the add-ons. Sometimes, dealers will quote inflated monthly payments to give themselves “legroom” for negotiation. If the parties settle on a price higher than justifiable for the car alone, the dealer will offer “free” add-ons to fill the gap. Because the consumer believes the products are "free" or discounted, most consumers do not object when the products are included in the final contract.