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Auto Fraud


We have all heard the horror stories and stereotypes of sleazy used car dealers. Those stories have a firm grounding in real life experiences for many people. To protect consumers from these practices, Oregon has enacted laws prohibiting dishonest and unfair trade practices. Some of the most common unfair trade practices that are illegal and for which you may be able to get a remedy from the dealer are: 


  • Failing to disclose material defects in the car;

  • Making inaccurate or misleading representations about financing;

  • Adding hidden costs to the car and claiming they are included free;

  • Failing to provide clean title, or any title at all;

  • Misrepresenting the mileage the car has traveled or not disclosing an odometer has been replaced; and

  • Selling the car over the advertised price or the MSRP.


Photo by Alden Jewell

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